Our Exact 5-Step Process For Harmonizing Your Marketing & Sales

A proven framework for transforming your marketing and sales into a well-oiled machine

5 steps to revenue growth

Step 1: Perfect Your Offer

We’ve seen enough organizations not achieve their full potential.

The #1 cause? 

Too much focus is on the product/service, not the transformation they deliver to their clients.

AKA: Never getting the value proposition right!

Most companies build services without fully understanding the client avatar, never asking their clients directly, and relying on what they think. 

They end up with multiple offers for different types of customers to try to generate revenue from numerous opportunities.

As a result, they cannot scale because there are countless variables and they’re constantly distracted, making it impossible for them to take advantage of the opportunity.

They end up with mediocre case studies and no massive quantifiable outcome that leaves prospects with questions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a simple solution! 

Instead, you can interview your best clients and dream prospects and stop guessing! 

Ask them about their problems, desires, dreams, fears, frustrations, how you helped, and what quantifiable results they obtained.

Get to know them on a deeper level! 

After that, center your offer and claim to solve your dream clients' number 1 problem or desire! 

Prospects will immediately be interested in your offer, and you will have detailed testimonials (EVIDENCE) to support your claims! 

People are limited in time and resources. That’s why you must appeal to their #1 priority.

You will deeply understand your prospects, what problems they have, and what they secretly desire. 

Then build the value of your offer with one specific person in mind. 

Finally, we position you as a one-of-one, with no other viable option in the market, so you can create buzz and demand around your company.

Proven offers will jumpstart your marketing and quadruple the success of your online campaigns.

They give you the opportunity to position yourself as a market leader and attract new patient opportunities.

We've spend hundreds of thousands of dollars testing different offers, and have unique insight into how to build winning offers for you and your practice.

Step 1 Deliverables:
  1. Collect case studies - 5 testimonial highlight videos from interviews with your happiest clients
  2. Create new value proposition - a new headline offer that's mouthwatering to your prospects
  3. Prep for market campaign launch - preparing ads, email accounts, and other marketing nuts and bolts for your campaigns

Step 2: Create Your Sales Letter

Are you still relying on manual face-to-face engagement for sales interactions?

As you know, the amount of energy required to take a total stranger and turn them into a customer is MASSIVE. 

The average sophisticated buyer needs a minimum of 7 hours of engagement with your business.

Most sales reps attempt to handle all this independently, costing the business big time for every sale. 

Multiple meetings, pitches, customized marketing material, clients wanting to chat with your other customers, the list goes on.

Scaling is stalled and inefficiencies increase.

To overcome this, write and record a value-based sales letter combining the insights we’ve learned.

These communicate:

  • Headline claim that captures your prospects' attention 
  • Case studies to evidence your headline claim
  • Your ‘why’ and expertise
  • What activities they can take to overcome their issues
  • Why you are the best option
  • Deeper insights to who you have helped 
  • How you do it and the value of your service

Your prospects have engaged with you, they feel like they know who you are, what you do, and how you can help. 

They know all this before you've even heard of them! 

So, when you first connect, the prospect is 5x warmer, not asking you loads of questions, and they’re happy to dig into the details of how you can help them!

Engineer your sales message to rip through the noise and create the desire for your business.

Give prospects massive value, trust and engagement before they even meet you. From here, the big domino has fallen, and marketing becomes simple. 

We drive traffic and the sales letter to provide value, eliminate objections, establish authority, and increase sales and marketing metrics. Conviction at scale!!

In case you still aren’t convinced: 

  • Videos increase organic traffic by up to 157%.
  • A well-made video sales letter increases purchase intention by 97%.
  • Adding a video on your landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%.
  • Visitors spend 88% more time browsing through a site with video over just text-based.
  • 87% of consumers choose to do business with vendors who provide valuable content.
  • 63% of consumers need to hear a company's value proposition(s) 3-5 times before they trust these claims
Step 2 Deliverables:
  1. Write digital sales letter - a long-form sales letter that presents your headline offer, the problems your company solves, and addresses common objections, along with presenting social proof, FAQs, and more
  2. Record sales letter video - a video walkthrough of your new sales letter
  3. Build sales letter website - a web page where people can watch your sales letter video, read through your sales letter and social proof, and schedule a call with your sales team

Step 3: Launch Your Campaigns

Now you have an offer that your prospects love, and the sales page to back it up. 

But how do you get in front of the right people? 

Most companies and sales teams waste time chasing low-quality, low-intent leads. 

Why? Because they lack a consistent method for generating new opportunities. 

Relying on referrals, introductions, or an unreliable channel to grow. 

Energy and money is spent on ineffective channels and expensive agencies with no understanding of their market. 

They post on Instagram and upload blogs because everyone else is.

Instead, ignore distractions and concentrate on the three channels your prospects spend their time: Email, search, and social media.

Create a hyper-personalized communication plan to connect with dream clients and decision-makers at scale. 

Provide value to your prospective clients for FREE! 

Communicate to them as a person. Not a robot. 

Use your powerful offer, backed up by the evidence of the case studies, to entice them to join an online meeting with you so you can learn more about them and their business. 

Lining you up to close the sale!

Step 3 Deliverables:
  1. Launch ad campaigns - launch ad campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram
  2. Launch email campaigns - launch email campaigns that land in the inbox of your prospects at scale
  3. Optimize! - analyze and continuously improve your campaigns

Step 4: Boost Your Sales

Now you have an offer your prospects love, a sales page to support your team, and a way to connect with them at scale. It’s time to convert them into clients!

In 99% of cases, the founder (you) is responsible for selling. 

No one can do it like you. Founders close 2X higher than trained sales reps because of conviction!

You don’t feel comfortable stepping out of sales because you don’t want to waste quality opportunities. 

But your time is limited…

As a result, you become the bottleneck and limit the growth…

But you don’t feel comfortable handing this over to a new sales resource. 

The New Way To Do Sales:

The Sales Process? It’s actually pretty simple.

A Sales Development Rep (SDR) works tirelessly on your behalf to book a meeting with you - it saves 80% of your time!

1st Meeting = Discovery
  • Build rapport with the client and get the client excited
  • Get the client to understand - where they are, where they want to be and what is preventing them
  • Qualify they are a suitable client
  • Disqualify non-suitable prospects
  • Qualify they are the decision-maker
  • Get information useful for the sales conversation
  • 80% minimum of discovery calls should transition to sales calls if doing 3 step process
2nd Meeting = Sales
  • Deliver the value-based sales letter
  • Showcase evidence and social proof
  • Get them to buy into the concept
  • Present your offer and build the value
  • Get the prospect to a point the only thing they would have objections about is the cost
  • Transition them into making a pitch or proposal
3rd Meeting = Close
  1. We stop selling our features and benefits. The prospect has already bought in.
  2. This is where we present the finances and payment options.
  3. We help the client to make a decision to purchase the product
  4. We overcame objections not to buy.

We use checkpoints to disqualify prospects that will never buy. This eliminates the tire kickers.

If you don’t do this, you end up with a massive pipeline of maybe’s not enough yes’.

We also use have a master document for objections that help sales staff increase their closing rate.

As a leader, stepping out of sales is difficult as no one can replicate your results.

This process removes you from 80% of activities without sacrificing results. 

We eliminate unqualified leads and no-shows while helping you convert more calls into high-paying clients rather than wasting time with "let me think about it" leads who will never buy. 

This creates a scalable, repeatable process.

Step 4 Deliverables:
  1. Create custom sales scripts - custom sales scripts to help your sales staff turn more meetings into closings
  2. Train/hire sales staff - training sessions with your staff to share insight and boost their performance

Step 5: Scale Your Success

It’s time to celebrate the success of what has been achieved. 

Congratulate team members and create energy that drives more success for the business. 

One of the most challenging but the highest leverage activity a business leader can do is mobilize their team effectively. 

Growth becomes all about the people. 

Once sales and marketing are dialed in, we cut, systematize, and delegate work to mobilize existing team members and new virtual assistants to scale 10x without increasing your workload.

We are now working on the business instead of in the business.

Step 5 Deliverables:
  1. Delegate - help identify tasks in steps 1-4 that assistants can be trained to help with
  2. Systematize - turn steps 1-4 into SOPs (standard operating procedures) to help staff and assistants implement the systems we've created together
  3. Scale! - push the systems we've created together to new heights. Strategize about business growth and ways to continue growing market share
3 core principles of growing revenue growth