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Boost your close rate instantly with this proven training module – at no cost to you.
5 New Business Secrets
Discover the outdated tactics that are suffocating your marketing and sales results.

Our Partner Results

In the past six years we've created thousands of hiring opportunities using paid ads and automated outreach, including a 25.1% overall increase in booked calls for their closers.

Scott H.
Skyline Properties

"There's so much opportunity in the digital world that we hadn't been utilizing... Our cost per lead was lowered significantly and we added over $42k in new revenue."

Jenn F.
Marketing Director
Image Surgical Arts

"Connor has helped us elevate our pricing, build out systems, and 5x the LTV of our client roster. And we did it without needing to make any hires. He's been a huge help."

Terrence L.

Who Is This For?

✅ Companies looking for repeatable success in their sales and marketing
✅ Companies tired of wasting resources on underperforming agencies and hires
✅ CEOs and senior leaders ready to escape the sales grind and focus on steering the business towards success
✅ Results-driven businesses eager to turbocharge their performance by eliminating weak sales outcomes

Who Isn't This For?

❌ Organizations lacking an established sales team ranging from 2 to 20 representatives
❌ Businesses without a persuasive offer or proven history of success for their customers

Recognize These Frustrating Obstacles
in Your Business?

Tired Of Unpredictable Sales and Marketing Results?

Revolutionize your business with a sales process that brings stability and predictability to your growth.

Relying on Top Performers & Networking?

Empower every team member to drive new business consistently, moving beyond the limitations of top performers and networking.

Frustrated By Costly, Time-Consuming Agencies & Hiring Mistakes?

Attract and retain exceptional sales professionals who deliver outstanding results and elevate your business.

Struggling to Balance Clients and Prospects?

Enable account managers to explore new opportunities and prospect effectively without sacrificing client relationships.

Overwhelmed by the Sales Process as a Business Leader?

Free up senior leaders to innovate and lead, unburdened by the demands of the sales process.

Searching for a Predictable Sales Strategy?

Embrace a scalable, predictable sales process that propels your business to new heights of revenue growth.

About Us

What Should I Expect?

Turbocharge Your Lead Generation

Experience a doubled outbound pipeline within just six weeks, supercharging your business growth.
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Custom Sales Process

Implement a battle-tested sales process, customized for your business, to conquer even the most complex sales cycles.

Evolving Digital Training

Access evergreen digital training assets that adapt and grow with your business, fostering continuous improvement.
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Discover Exceptional Sales Talent

Leverage our 30 years of experience to source top-tier sales professionals, using cutting-edge personality tests and interview techniques – all without recruitment fees.

Expert Sales Leadership at Your Fingertips

Obtain senior sales leadership support for your team without the financial burden, ensuring a seamless transition to the new process with our 2-hour SLA.

High-Impact Sales & Marketing Collateral

Acquire a suite of premium sales and marketing assets that effortlessly build trust and strengthen your brand.
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Unparalleled Investment Protection

Safeguard your investment with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and our pledge to double your ROI or work for free until you achieve it.

Our Fail-Safe Strategy for
Unmatched Growth

Step 1: Discovering Your Customer Secrets
Knowing the exact reasons customers buy from you is key to unlocking consistent sales success. We begin by understanding the problems your product or service solves.


Client Deep Dive

Dive deep into your clients' world, pinpointing their pain points, desires, and why they choose you over competitors.


Assemble Your Marketing Arsenal

Collect powerful testimonials, case studies, and quantifiable benefits that demonstrate the value of your business.


Build Your Dream Customer Database

Build a database of your ideal prospects, gathering and verifying their contact info for laser-focused marketing.
Step 2: Crafting a Winning Blueprint
We help you master the nuances of different marketing channels and craft powerful messaging that resonates with your target audience.


Buyer Analysis

Examine your current clients to identify their pain points, desires, and purchase motivations.


Precision Messaging

Concentrate your messaging where it will yield the greatest impact.


Custom Sales & Marketing Tools

Develop bespoke marketing and sales resources based on your clients' successes to entice prospects.


Streamlined Customer Experience

Apply time-tested methodologies to enhance and optimize every touchpoint.
Step 3: Igniting Your Outreach
Embracing a new sales approach to eliminate friction and create a continuous flow of qualified leads and opportunities.


Build a Prospect Treasure Trove

Create a database of thousands of potential customers and authenticate their contact information.


Harness Multi-Channel Communication

Engage prospects through various channels, leveraging automation technology to lighten your sales team's workload.


Spark New Opportunities

Generate and nurture leads, guiding them down the sales funnel before passing them on to your internal sales team.


Empower Your Sales Champions

Equip your sales team with proven strategies to boost their odds of success.
Step 4: Systemize & Optimize
We're dedicated to long-lasting success, guaranteeing that all knowledge, skills, messaging, and techniques stay in-house after the engagement ends.


Forge Scalable Processes

Collect winning messaging and campaign data to create digital guides for your revamped sales process.


Embed Sales Wisdom & Techniques

Ensure the knowledge and methods used during the engagement remain within your company for ongoing growth.
Step 5: Accelerate Your Sales Engine
Concentrate on hiring salespeople who can deliver your vision and invest in a digital sales process that enables new recruits to ramp up quickly and efficiently.


Validate Your Sales Blueprint

Once you see results and onboard clients, prove the new process works for your target market.


Scale Your Sales Powerhouse

Partner with Goldsmith Growth to supercharge your sales efforts.
What do you get?

Everything You Need To Scale

Unleash Your Pipeline Potential

Experience a world-class outbound lead gen strategy that doubles your pipeline in under 6 weeks.
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Boost Enterprise Worth

Increase your company's valuation by eliminating senior leader dependence in the sales process.
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Sales Process Excellence

A proven, no-nonsense sales process to skyrocket close rates and slash sales cycles without burdening your team.

Unrelenting Support & Advancement

Equip your sales force with ongoing access to feedback, script critiques, and comprehensive training material walkthroughs.

Rapid Results Training Program

Get new hires up to speed quickly and effectively with our results-driven digital training.

Unwavering Confidence

Enjoy peace of mind knowing no prospects will escape your attention.
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Management Mastery

Empower your management with digital training videos and SOPs, ensuring enduring success in implementing our battle-tested processes.
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Technological Edge

Arm your team with the optimal tools to achieve success, with expert guidance, support, and privileged software discounts.
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Discover Exceptional Sales Talent

Match exceptional processes with an elite talent pool—access pre-screened sales pros without ever paying recruitment fees again.
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Peak Value & Performance

Optimize your team's productivity and fortify your leadership with a value-focused approach.

Unparalleled Investment Protection

Safeguard your investment with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and our pledge to double your ROI or work for free until you achieve it.
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